Pacific Gate by Bosa – San Diego Skyline

Pacific Gate by Bosa Development has nearly reached its final height.  The finishing touches are going on, the exterior glass is moving up the side of the building quickly and the interior buildout is not far behind.  The first residents should begin occupying this super prime luxury residential condo building in about a year.


Pacific Gate has become a prominent member of the downtown San Diego skyline.  Its distinct architecture is instantly visible from many vantage points in downtown.


Over half of the luxury condos at Pacific Gate have been pre-sold.  However there are many great condos remaining.  If you want to consider Pacific Gate for your next luxury home, contact Triftbach Realty Group and we can assist you with everything you need to know about this great property.  We know and understand this project well.  We are not affiliated with the developer or their sales team, so we can assist you with making the best decisions with only your best interests in mind and at no additional cost to you.  Contact us at (858) 876-8901 or and we would be happy to discuss Pacific Gate with you.


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Pacific Gate and Electra


Pacific Gate from the Waterfront


Pacific Gate from Broadway Pier



Pacific Gate and Electra – Navy Buildings


Pacific Gate from the Waterfront


Pacific Gate


Pacific Gate from the Embarcadero Park


Pacific Gate with Electra, The Grande North and South and Bayside


Pacific Gate from Pacific Highway and Harbor Drive


Pacific Gate and Electra from the South


Pacific Gate and Electra from Park Place


Pacific Gate from Harbor Drive